​​Welfare Visits

Whether it's your first litter or your 21st, we're on hand to visit with advice and tips including weaning, worming, helping a failing pup, checking for mastitis and more.

Price from £50.00

Welfare visits are a new service added in 2021 to meet increasing demand from clients for after care advice once litters are born. With almost every new client and many of our experienced clients booking appointments with us it's a service that seems to be increasingly popular.

We endeavour to attend your home within the first 7 days of your pups arriving with notice we can often be with you within 48 hours. The visit is tailor made to each individual breeder and litter, in some cases it’s an opportunity for the breeder to be simply reassured that everything is ok, pups are feeding well etc and advice on worming, weaning and re-homing. Other visits have literally become life savers for failing or struggling pups where we can impart our experiences to aid the breeder in making the puppy comfortable, tube feeding or making tough decisions are all part of the service as and when required.

The welfare visits have developed somewhat from my original concept of a "immediate advice as a once-off, straight after birth" appointment. The demand for weekly visits has seen many clients booking regular welfare visits during the first few weeks of new puppies arriving. These extra sessions mean we can help with worming, nail clipping and checking mums for mastitis, while discussing the next stages in puppies' development and advise on socialisation stages.

We have also produced a "Puppy Natal" information pack for sale which gives many helpful hints and tips from breeding to rearing your pups and includes copies of contracts, advice sheets and re-homing tips for when the time comes to let your pups go to their new owners. These packs will be available from early in 2020, priced from just £35 they should be part of any breeders resources. We are also happy to post out these Puppy Natal Packs on request.

Price from £50.00

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a welfare visit?

Typically our visit will be 40-60 minutes depending on how our checks and conversations develop.

Is a visit instead of a vet check?

No, we’re not here to replace a vet check however in the early stages of life when a pups immune system is compromised and mum just needs to rest, our checks can be vital within the home environment.

I’m worried about retained placentas, can you check?

Of course we can! It’s a worry for a lot of new breeders, and although placentas are very rarely completely retained, they break down in the days post whelp, we are more than happy to scan at our visit to show you everyone is out and placentas are cleared.

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