​​Puppy Natal Classes

Everything from pregnancy diet, whelping boxes and wish lists to how to know when something is wrong with a newborn pup.

Price: £95.00

We are often asked for help and advice throughout the breeding process but particularly once we have scanned a bitch in whelp. Panic stations kick in and a client wants to know “EVERYTHING” there is to know about breeding. Whilst YouTube and the internet in general is a fount of knowledge (good and bad!) there is also a lot of bad advice out there and it’s so difficult as a new breeder to sift through what is best practice, and which bits you should filter out. Just like children, these little guys don’t come out with a textbook in paw! Midway through 2020 we started to run our Puppy Natal Classes in an attempt educate and to group new breeders together socially so best practice and experiences can be shared. Another useful tool is our Facebook group “north west breeders network” where we help to build a wealth of knowledge between us to keep our girls and pups safe and well during the pregnancy, whelping and rearing stages.

Our classes are monthly, typically on a Tuesday evening or a Sunday morning. Together with our puppy natal packs, which are to be used as class notes and a handy hints guide along with the new book by Sara Lamont, Not Born Yesterday, our power pointed sessions take us through all the know hows you’ll need for a safe pregnancy, labour and birth. A real starting ground for your research in an informal session. We can have a laugh, a coffee and set the record straight on the myths.

Puppy Natal Packs including Sara Lamont's book can be posted and are available to collect at £35 each.

Puppy Natal Classes including the Pack are £95 dates to be confirmed contact us for further details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many classes will I need?

Usually one class is plenty to learn the basics, coupled with a welfare visit after birth where we can refresh and extend on your knowledge from this stage too. We really can support you in your journey as a new breeder.

I’ve bred a number of litters can I still attend?

Absolutely! I’ve had a number of clients who have bred as long as I have attend. Sometimes just chatting things through with others mean you’ll learn something new. One client for example had never experienced mastitis despite breeding for a number of years. Thanks to our class she recognised the symptoms on her next litter really quickly and was able to help her female, preventing devastating results had she not been aware. Every day is a school day and with breeding, every litter teaches us something, none of us ever know it all!

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