Ultrasound Pregnancy Scanning

North West Breeding Services are fully trained and insured canine ultrasound technicians using the very latest veterinary CE certified machinery.

Prices from £40.00

We provide a pregnancy detection ultrasound scanning service on all small and domestic animals, although we work with predominantly canine breeds. The procedure is non-invasive and, in most cases, doesn’t require the animal to be clipped or shaved nor does it require any anaesthetic. A probe is covered with water based gel and placed on the animal’s abdomen, emitting an ultrasound wave in order to detect pregnancy.

Whether your bitch's potential pregnancy was planned or an accident, it is always better to be armed with the knowledge that pups are viable, have an estimated due date and potential number of pups due so preparations can be made in advance and the expectant mum can be treated accordingly with regards to food and exercise etc. We are always happy to advise once pregnancy is confirmed and offer recommendations for books, services and websites, along with our puppy natal classes and packs, to ensure you’re fully prepared for your new arrivals. It is advisable to first scan between day 28 and 35 from the last mating date for a reliable pregnancy detection result. Occasionally we do recommend scanning as early as 21 days in the instance of previous fertility issues or has been inseminated with frozen semen. There can be a high risk with early scans of a false-negative, so a rescan at 4+ weeks may be required at your own cost.

A second scan post week 6 is advisable to help us monitor the pregnancy and manage our clients expectations for the birth. It’s a second opportunity to measure growth, re-estimate numbers and ask as many questions as you need prior to labour. With our scanner, we are also able to offer heart doppler measurements and record these for you to keep. Hearing your puppies heart beat can be quite emotional, we have tissues available on request ! With any scan that gives a negative pregnancy result we offer a free “peace of mind” rescan a minimum of 7 days to the first scan. Sometimes infections can progress with pregnancy-like symptoms so we always like to rule this out during your ultrasound, should we notice something of concern we are always happy to rescan a week later. We always hope for miracle babies!

All images and measurements are discussed and sent via screen shot messages on request. We kindly request no photographs or videos are taken by yourselves during your visit due to data protection and privacy laws.

Ultrasound Scanning is offered from our clinic in Bacup or we can also come to your home on a mobile basis - just let us know your postcode and we can let you know fee and our availability.

Please book early to avoid disappointment as our mobile slots in particular fill very quickly. We recommend contacting us as soon as your girl has been mated so that we can offer you our earliest availability at your convenience - after all, nobody wants to wait to know if they’ll hear the patter of little paws!

Prices from £40.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee how many pups she will have?

Unfortunately there isn’t a scanner out there worth their salt that will promise how many pups will arrive alive. So many factors can determine whether our count is on point. Fetal Sacs can absorb, we can miss count if a pup is positioned differently and count it twice. We also need to consider not all pups will survive labour! It’s much safer to estimate our numbers as to what we see on the day. All whelping mums should be watched for a minimum of 24 hours after you think they’re finished birthing to be sure.

The mating was an accident. Can you tell me accurate due dates?

Now this in the most part we can do, unfortunately accidents do happen and we don’t always have the luxury of knowing when a female has ovulated. By scanning as soon as we realise she may be in pup we can measure the foetal sacs to determine an accurate due date, typically within a 48 hour window. So we can give you time to prepare for your surprise arrivals!

My female doesn’t like to travel can you scan her at home?

Absolutely! Let us know your postcode and the last date of mating and we will arrange an appointment to come out to you. Our advice is always to book as soon as you’ve had her mated (if you require a mobile scan) as mobile appointments tend to book up weeks in advance.

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