Chilled Semen

Chilled Semen is one of the most popular ways semen is transported and used today.

Chilled Semen – sending and receiving for insemination.

The opportunity to chill and ship semen has now dramatically changed our ability to do planned breeding’s with incredible success, without the dogs ever needing to have met. At NorthWestBreedingServices we offer chilled semen services (chilling, preparation for transport, warm and wake).

This is a popular option as it can reduce travel costs for the breeder, along with travel stress on the dogs, while also opening up the possibilities of international gene pools.

"Chilled" means the semen is drawn and chemically chilled down then held at refrigerated temperature (40F) using ice packs during transportation.  

We recommend as standard the chilled semen is tested twice: upon collection (for condition and motility) and again when being 'woken up'. At NWBS we ensure the semen is treated prior to packing with a market leading, 10-day extender product to ensure its quality is preserved whilst travelling.

The kit contains a further bottle of conditioning product to enhance the semen on arrival prior to inseminating the bitch.

What are the benefits of chilled semen?

* Convenience, for example the stud dog can be used worldwide without the need for physical travel of the dog or bitch.

* Longevity of storage compared to a fresh sample. For example if the bitch isn't quite ready for mating (but will be within a few days) and the stud dog is due out of town, chilling a sample would give extra days flexibility. Obviously this way of processing also allows for travel outside of the UK.

* Stress free way to use an out of town stud dog without the need for repeat travel expenses or overnight stay costs.

* Much cheaper to transport and easier to inseminate than frozen semen.

Please call for further details  

Prices start from £150.00 + shipping costs, or from £75 for receiving, warm and waking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just chill the semen myself in the fridge?

Unfortunately not, the chilling process is delicate and involves specialist chemicals and equipment to be done right without damaging the semen.

Will the semen be sent even if the quality is poor?

That is down to the individual stud owner, we will advise on how the semen will react to the chilling and transport process at the time of the stud's draw appointment. A semen certificate is added to each sample for the receiver to see the quality of the sample pre and post processing too, so it’s usually not worth sending poor quality semen. If you would like your boy testing (prior to the need for semen sending), let us know and we can make arrangements for you.

How long does the sample survive post chill?

Typically with the conditioning products we use a sample will survive a minimum of 8 days.

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