Artificial Insemination

Artificial Insemination (AI) is most commonly carried out dog-to-dog, although it can also be done with chilled, shipped semen. Once quality semen is collected from the male, the bitch is inseminated with the use of a catheter into the cranial part of the vagina.

Price from £50.00

In some circumstances, a natural mating can be difficult to achieve if the bitch / dog is inexperienced or uncomfortable, they may have trouble mating even if physiologically the bitch is ready to mate. Any significant size mismatch between the two, or should either party be dog aggressive, this can be over come using the AI method of insemination.

On collection, the semen can be tested prior to inseminating the female. If the semen quality is not as good as required, a positive of using this method means it can be chemically enhanced prior to use. A semen extender can be added to improve the quality and performance of the semen, thus improving the chances of producing a litter.

Artificial Insemination is required should semen have been chilled and shipped.

AI is fast becoming the “go to” method of mating for many stud owners as the stress on dog and female is much lower, the mating is cleaner and quicker than having a natural tie.

Price from £50.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide the stud's semen?

Whilst we do have our own stud dogs or can happily pass on contact details of our clients with studs, we don’t hold a bank of all breeds of semen for public use. A stud dog should be sought and the owners communicated with, prior to the mating.

Can I book an AI in advance?

We would strongly advise progesterone testing prior to any mating be it natural or AI to ensure a bitch has ovulated prior to the semen being inseminated. If ovulation hasn’t taken place, there are no eggs available for the semen to meet - so the AI (or any mating) is guaranteed to be unsuccessful.

Is AI a guaranteed way of getting a female pregnant?

Unfortunately there are no guarantees when we are working with mother nature. By progesterone testing and checking semen prior to inseminating we are ensuring we rule out many elements of chance. The rest has to involve a little bit of luck and fairy dust!

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